Check CBSE 10th Results 2017 Online Step by Step Guide

CBSE 10th Results 2017 will attain a scale of relevance to all those children (and their parents and teachers!) who have given the CBSE 10th standard board examinations. More than 1 lakh students will give the CBSE 10th standard board exams this year. These board exams will be conducted in the month of March. The CBSE class 10th Results 2017 will be published in the month of May.

The Central Board of Secondary Education, also known as CBSE, is a popular board of school education and studies. CBSE designs the syllabus across all standards for all subjects and conducts public examination for two classes, class 10th and class 12th. The public examinations are also called the board exams and are conducted at a national scale. Students are graded at a national scale and ranked based on their performance when compared to their peers who have taken up the same examination.

The manner in which the CBSE 10th standard board exams are conducted is worthy of knowing. Students are provided with a roll number and they are taken to a different school (not the one in which they study) to give the exams. On the answer paper, the students have to only write the roll number and not write their name! For every subject three different sets of question papers are designed and distributed. Each set will be of similar toughness. Once the exams are over, in the month of April, teachers from across the country are allocated different evaluation centres. In these centres, a common marks distribution system is decided upon. An answer key for every question paper set if prepared and the teachers then proceed to evaluate answer papers on the basis of this answer key. This way, adequate steps are taken to ensure that the evaluation is done in an unbiased fashion.

The CBSE 10th results of 2017 will then be published online in the month of May. The hardcopies of the CBSE class 10th results of 2017 which have been published online will reach the respective schools within a week of the publication of results. Students can then decide on if they want to go in for re-evaluation of the results in case they are unhappy with the scoring. The mark sheets of the CBSE 10th results of 2016 will reach the school within two weeks of the announcement of the class 10th results.

CBSE 10th standard. Based on these results, the schools will filter and offer different streams for various students. Students who score high marks will get the first preference to pursue their stream of interest in class 11th and 12th.  In this way, one can even say that the CBSE 10th results of 2017 will play a crucial role in defining the course of study that a student plans to undertake in the future. The CBSE class10th results of 2017 will definitely have a bearing on what a 10th standard CBSE student will pursue in college.

The exact date of the publication of the CBSE 10th results of 2017 will be splashed across all the popular national newspapers and dailies. On the day, the results will be published on the official CBSE portal and the students can view their marks by typing in their roll numbers. While utmost care is taken in ensuring that the data entry of the marks is accurate, students are advised to wait for the print out sheets before reacting to any unwarranted score!